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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

"My principles are more important than my money and my title" - Muhammad Ali

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You expect to get paid after putting in your timesheet? Do Landlords expect tenants to pay their rent on time? I expect my listeners to me about that wallet!

What are expectations?

- A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

- A belief that someone will or should achieve something.

Why is this important?

Your expectations determine how you treat yourself and others, but ultimately your wallet! Others watch the way you dress, the way you take care of the things you say you care about, the way you treat and talk to the people you care about, how you treat your time, the boundaries you set (similar to episode #5 of the About That Wallet podcast), and how you treat your parents and/or the ones you said you loved.

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Like it or not you are a walking billboard for your life and should always take an advantage of any available opportunity to promote yourself and your success. Staying true to your expectations, sometimes means you have to dow what others are not willing to do. So you can get the results you expected.

So how does one get expectations?

Seven Steps to setting clear expectations by Kevin Eikenberry

  1. Make them clear for yourself.

  2. Know where you need expectation.

  3. Understand Why.

  4. Meet and Discuss

  5. Make it mutual

  6. Write them down

  7. Get an agreement

How much would it cost you?

Thinking is totally free! However, when you start to take action is where it's gonna cost you. Choosing to have expectations could impact your relationships, shift in time spent with feckless people, and getting to know what you want will not make things difficult without communication with those who are around you.

What if you don't set expectations?

Well, you cannot be upset with what you didn't ask for now can you?

Questions I leave for you to answer:

  • What if you actually get what you expected?

  • Are you prepared to receive what you expected and more?

Recommended Books:

Drawing on his groundbreaking work on intelligence and creativity, Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, developer of the theory of Multiple Intelligences, offers fascinating revelations about the mind of the leader and his or her followers. He identifies six constant features of leadership as well as paradoxes that must be resolved for leadership to be effective using portraits of leaders from J. Robert Oppenheimer to Alfred P. Sloan, from Pope John XXIII to Mahatma Gandhi. - Amazon Description


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