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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Back by popular demand my wife is back on the show and this time we are talking about combining households.

Show Notes:

Today we are just wrapping up the 2020 year with an overview of how my wife and I met, the strategies we are using and constant evaluating and also taking a look to five years down the road.

Join us in our discussion about our financial goals and obligations to one another.

The average #wedding in 2019 was $33k has not changed since the 2017 study. (including the engagement ring) the number obvious varies per state.

You are the ones getting married to someone you love. There is always going to be someone upset that you did not invite them. They will get over it. This moment is between you and your spouse, possibly your immediate family.

People would be excited to join in the reception because that’s where the music, the food and activities happen.

So, don’t worry about the the things you cannot control. Be happy with the person you love and don’t be worry about what others think bout the ring, the wedding, the cake, the music, etc.

Books mentioned:

These are two book series that Lindsay enjoys reading.

Check out Episode 15 of the About That Wallet Podcast for more about my wife.


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