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Why did I start the About That Wallet Podcast?

Getting to know #Aboutthatwallet is all about what you want out of life. Why do you even go to work or start a business? Understanding your 'Why' is the most important thing you can do for you and your family tree.

I started this show because of all the lessons I've learned throughout the years of making stupid financial mistakes. In addition it all, I will not have any children. Therefore, this is my gift to the world.

As the show grows, I plan to have more everyday people at all levels within their journey throughout life.

So stay tuned to the show as I publish new shows every Monday and sometimes Thursdays, Trading Thursday is what I call them.

I started started Trading Thursday because there are some people who want to know more about trading, stock picking, research stocks, and more. So, since I dabble a lot in the stock market and have played around with many of the applications out there, I will share what I know and plan to get some experts on to discuss some other tips and tricks around trading.

Thank you all again to those who have supported this show from the beginning and those who are new WELCOME!

Now let's get going to learn ABOUT THAT WALLET!

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